George photoFounder George Durazzo has taken the practice back home to Colorado changing the thrust of the consultancy from politics and public affairs to solutions-based management consulting. Entrepreneurs, investors, the largest market cap company in the world, the venerable American Bar Association, French research firm IPSOS and countless deserving non-profits and financial institutions alike—comprise this vast, powerful network and will inform his work going forward. George’s large network is frequently cited as one of the principle reasons for his clients success over the years.

With George and his team there is always an work experience, a powerful thinker, a wealthy investor or a creative group that stands ready to get the job done “on time and under budget.” George and his team will work harder and smarter to implement solutions for you.

George has always longed to get back West to the amazing beauty, charm, energy and verve of Boulder, County, Colorado. Health, happiness and hospitality is abundant here. Boulder has also become the most potent, and wealthy community for start-ups; innovative business models and products and funding anywhere {e.g. outdoor industry, software and creative talent}.  Colorado, as a state has changed as well. No longer simply a tourism, agricultural and mining outpost known mostly for its laid-back image and frontier spirit, the state has become a change agent not unlike California where new ideas and approaches are attracting a young and savvy workforce, and business and non-profit leaders whose vision stretches as high and as vast as the Rockies. These new age pioneers are unmatched for their tangible innovative prowess and in this day and age, significant market-share and profits. As companies like Google make large infrastructure commitments in Boulder, the fundaments of Colorado’s storied past remain strong. Ex-Im, science and technology are firmly established at the excellent universities here, yet the business focus is not entirely research-based— the workforce here is often brilliant, but relaxed.

What Warhorse will provide for you is sound advice, a partner that comprehends the term—both parties win, both profit— and introductions to people— other driven and honest collaborators, and a network with financial savvy and tangible value. While honed in politics and Texas– to be one of the world’s finest bull-shitters, George Durazzo seeks and finds success for his valuable clients.

His friends and clients will tell you that he is sincere, has a dogged work ethic, never gives up and yet prizes listening in order to learn. One recommender on Linked In gave him the ultimate compliment. Warhorse makes it happen! We can also be a lot of fun to work with.